infoScoop for Google Apps Billing Policy

In case Customer wish to execute by online settlement of PayPal to purchase the infoScoop for Google Apps, Customer shall agree the following policy.


The terms on this infoScoop for Google Apps Biling Policy are defined as follows:

(1) “User Number of Google Apps”

means the number of users that are registered in Google Apps. Suspended users are not included.

(2) “Synchronized User Number”

means the number of Google Apps users that are synchronized to repository of the infoScoop for Google Apps under the administration site of the infoScoop for Google Apps.

(3) “Maximum User Number of this Month”

means the synchronized maximum number of users in charged month.

(4) “Closing Date”

means the end date of one calendar month (Closing time: 24:00 on the Closing Date) GMT, ie. Greenwich Mean Time, will be used unless specified.

(5) “Reference Transaction”

means the way that Customer shall pay its fare of use by PayPal settlement.

Approval of Reference Transaction

Customer shall approve the Reference Transaction by PayPal settlement when Customer shall purchase the infoScoop for Google Apps from Google Marketplace. The approved Reference Transaction will be effective until the termination of this Agreement.

Unit Price

The unit price of the infoScoop for Google Apps shall be settled when Customer shall purchase the infoScoop for Google Apps from Google Marketplace.

Amount of Payment

The amount of payment shall be calculated that means to multiply the Maximum User Number and the Unit Price at the Closing Date. The Amount of Payment shall be calculated and settled by PayPal account that is registered by Customer.


Customer shall select the currency at its discretion. If Customer does not chose its own country’s currency and take other country’s currency, Customer shall be liable to take the risk of exchange rate.

PayPal Account

Customer shall register the valid PayPal Account in case that Customer shall purchase the infoScoop for Google Apps from Google Marketplace. If Customer wishes to change PayPal Account, Customer shall re-register it on the Administration site without delay. In the event that Customer re-register it after the Closing Date, the re-registered PayPal Account shall be effected on and after next month payment.


UNIRITA does not warrant and disclaim any warranty in respect of other services except the warranty that was described on the infoScoop for Google Apps SLA(, and UNIRITA shall not have any obligation to take up or accept Customer’s requirement in terms of payback based on warranty issues of this Agreement, however, provided that Customer has the right to take the Credit Service in accordance with infoScoop for Google Apps SLA( for UNIRITA’s SLA failure.


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