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infoScoop for Google Apps
Integrates Your Google Apps Services

Google Apps™ has many services such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar. But all of the services actually all stands alone and completely separated. So, here infoScoop for Google Apps integrates the scattered contents, which surely gives you a new value to Google Apps.

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You can easily start using infoScoop for Google Apps, which can be installed from Google Apps Marketplace™.



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What's infoScoop?

infoScoop for Google Apps uses infoScoop OpenSource, Enterprise Portal, as the portal engine. I can collect not only the contents of Google Apps, but also the ones from other services as well. Besides, infoScoop OpenSource is compliant with OpenSocial, standard specification of gadget, so you can try iGoogle gadgets, which makes it possible to have flexible customized portal site. For more information of infoScoop OpenSource, please visit the official website.


Note: This service may be unavailable in some locations because of the service area of Google Apps.