infoScoop for Google Apps Support Policy

This document explains the support policy of the infoScoop for Google Apps to Customer who uses the infoScoop for Google Apps (“infoScoop 4G”) upon an agreement of the Terms & Conditions ( for the infoScoop for Google Apps Service. The policy may be changed without any notification.

1. Definition

(1) infoScoop for Google Apps/Free Edition(”Free Edition”)

means the special edition that provides free and limited infoScoop 4G to Customer up to 10 users, and Customer has the right to use freely infoScoop 4G as a trial use. The use of this Free Edition is out of scope of this support policy.

(2) infoScoop for Google Apps/Professional Edition(”Professional Edition”)

means the charged infoScoop 4G edition that to all customers. UNIRITA provides it to Customer to use it in due business manners. This support is provided to Customer who uses Professional Edition.

(3) Web Support

means the support by the website that was provided by UNIRITA to communicate the information of support between Customer and UNIRITA. The support of Web Support itself is out of scope of this Support Policy.

(4) Incident

means each question that is registered by Customer. The Incident shall be administered and controlled from the registration of failures of the system through closing them.

2. Difference of support by Edition

There is no support for “Free Edition”. This Support will be provided to Customer who uses “Professional Edition”.

3. Scope of this Support

This Support is for the failure caused by the infoScoop 4G programs. UNIRITA shall not have any obligation to provide any support for the failure of Google Apps or any other system except the infoScoop 4G. This Support does not include any response of Customer’s enquiry for use or specification of the infoScoop 4G.

4. Way of providing Support

Customer shall use by inputting or referring the information on Web Support, and obtain UNIRITA’s answer or information on failures on “Web Support” as well. UNIRITA shall not have any obligation to answer or provide information to Customer except Web Support.
In addition, UNIRITA shall not have any obligation to answer Customer’s question on the infoScoop 4G’s availability or way of Customer’s use.

(1) Registration of Account

Login ID and the password shall be required to input the information into the Web Support. Please obtain them before using this Support. It may take a few days to provide them to Customer, so please obtain them in advance. Domain name and your mail address are necessary for the registration.

(2) Qualification of using this Support

The Web Support user is limited to the administrator of the domain of Google Apps. Because UNIRITA may confirm the setting of Google Apps for the trouble shooting and the administrator of the domain of Google Apps can only answer them to UNIRITA. Therefore UNIRITA shall not answer Customer except the administrator of the domain of Google Apps.

(3) User Number of Account

The administrator of the domain of Google Apps has the right to make accounts up to for three users.

(4) Administration and Change of Account

Customer shall be liable to administer and control its accounts and passwords upon Customer’s responsibility. If Customer needs to change or delete its account information, he or she shall notify them to UNIRITA without delay.

5. Importance

The rank of importance of failure is set 1st , 2nd and 4th Level. At the time of registration, Level-4 is set, however UNIRITA is entitled to change to other levels at its discretion in accordance with the importance level. According to the importance level, UNIRITA shall make best efforts to conduct as follows:

Importance level-1:

UNIRITA shall be obliged to cope with the problem and correct them at next version-up as mandatory.

Importance level-2:

UNIRITA may not cope with the problem and correct them at next version-up, but shall be obliged to cope with and correct them some day in the future.

Importance level-4:

It is possible to evade or detour without any correction at the version-up.

6. Maintenance

The maintenance of the infoScoop 4G service shall be planned once a month regularly. There is a possibility this service will be stop for 10 min. – 30 min at one time. In the event of the maintenance service, UNIRITA shall announce this information to the administrator of Google Apps by email prior conducting the maintenance service.

7. Modification of Programs

UNIRITA shall not warrant to modify programs for the failure of infoScoop 4G, however UNIRITA shall make best efforts to correct it.

8. Property Right of Information

All information in occurring by this Support shall belong to UNIRITA’s property and UNIRITA has the property right of them. UNIRITA shall have the right to disclose them as FAQ without Customer’s prior consent, however UNIRITA shall delete all information that indicate Customer’s own name and other own information.

9. Termination of Incident

UNIRITA shall have the right to terminate Incident without Incident reporter’s consent in the following cases:

  • ・ UNIRITA judges the termination of Incident at its discretion.
  • ・ UNIRITA confirms the reason of the failure and correction method.
  • ・ UNIRITA could not reproduce the failure.
  • ・ UNIRITA recognizes there is no response from Customer more than for two weeks after UNIRITA has informed its requirement to Customer.

10. Language for Support

This Support shall be provided either in English or in Japanese.


Contact : 4g-support(at)

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